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Sega Game Gear bundle set huge lot w/ 30 games, bag, cables, acessories *TESTED* | Village

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This is a full package bundle of Sega Game Gear.  Everything you need for the Game Gear with 30 games and full set of accessories fit snug into the Sega Game Gear Deluxe Carry-All Case.  There are a few slight marks on the bag but hardly noticeable and looks brand new in excellent condition.  Game Gear console was tested and it plays just fine with all working buttons.  The Game Gear console is in excellent condition with the exception of the screen which has some scruffs and light scratching from normal wear and tear.  The screen Magnifier supplied much like the console itself has some scruffs and light scratches on the screen.  The Tv tuner works excellent although analog was all converted to digital so it shouldn't pick up any signals. Game Genie was tested with multiple games along with codebook and works perfect.  Everything else not mentioned above (excluding games) that comes with this bundle is in excellent condition and no noticeable defects or marks were detected.  All 30 games work perfectly and were tested and played for several minutes or more for performance status.  Below is a list of everything included with this bundle pack. ⦁  Original Sega Game Gear Console ⦁  Sega Game Gear Ac Adapter ⦁  Sega Game Gear Car Ac Adapter ⦁  Sega Game Gear PowerBack Rechargeable Battery Pack ⦁  Sega Gear to Gear Cable (dual console connection) ⦁  Sega Game Gear Super Wide Gear Screen Magnifier ⦁  Sega Game Gear Tv Tuner ⦁  Sega Game Gear Game Genie With Codebook ⦁  Sega Game Gear Deluxe Carry-All Case ⦁  Sega Game Gear Deluxe Bag Strap ⦁  30 Sega Game Gear Games ⦁  13 Sega Game Gear Game Cases Below is a list of all 30 games that work.  All the games are in excellent condition with normal wear and tear unless otherwise noted next to the game title in parentheses. (LN) = Like New (G) = Good but may have a little writing and or title sticker has some fading/loose (x2) = Two games ⦁  Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse ⦁  Columns ⦁  Fifa International Soccer ⦁  G-Loc: Air Battle ⦁  Garfield: Caught In The Act ⦁  Joe Montana Football ⦁  Mortal Kombat ⦁  NBA Jam ⦁  NFL '95 ⦁  Ninja Gaiden (G) ⦁  Out Run (G) ⦁  Poker Face Pauls: Poker ⦁  Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy ⦁  Side Pocket (G) ⦁  Solitaire Poker ⦁  Sonic the Hedgehog ⦁  Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (x2) ⦁  Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six ⦁  Sports Trivia ⦁  Star Trek: The Next Generation ⦁  Streets of Rage ⦁  Super Off Road ⦁  Super Monaco GP ⦁  The Itchy and Scratchy Show ⦁  Taz-Mania ⦁  Virtua Fighter ⦁  World Series Baseball ⦁  World Series Baseball '95 (G) ⦁  X-Men Other specs. Deluxe Carry-All Case Dimensions - 13in x 10in x 6 1/2in (L x W x H) Deluxe Carry-All Case w/ everything Weight - 7lb 11.2oz
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