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Huge Lot 2 Atari CX-2600A w/ 51 Games, Joysticks, Paddle + Accessories *TESTED* | Village

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Huge Lot 2 Atari CX-2600A w/ 51 Games 4 Joysticks 2 Tennis Paddlesd Accessories.  Everything was examined, tested, and carefully cleaned.  1 Atari 2600 console is in good condition but obvious wear and tear is noticeable from being used with the top left "difficulty A-B" setting button missing (can still be switched with the right shaped object) and a tear in the ac wire.  The orange lining around the console dashboard buttons is also faded a bit.  Excluding the wear and tear and defects the console works and looks good being completely tested.  The Other Atari system has very little to no wear and tear, but their are some nicks and a little bit woodgrain fading on edge of woodgrain.  This bundle comes with 1 ac adapter and 1 coax RF TV Switch box to connect to your tv.  Their are a total of 4 joysticks 2 of them work and the other 2 I could not get to work but may be repairable. 1 set of 2 tennis paddles was tested and works but is very twitchy and may be able to be fixed.  Also included are instruction manuals to the games Football, Defender, and Street Racer, along with The Atari Catalog, Atari Log Book, Atari Owners Manual, and a Atari customer service ad.  A Total of 51 game cartridges that comes with were also examined, tested, and carefully cleaned for performance evaluation to conclude that all games work perfectly.  Below is all full list of everything included in this lot. 2 Atari CX-2600A Video Computer Systems  4 Atari Joysticks (2 defective) 1 set of 2 Atari Tennis Paddles (Twitchy Sensory)  1 Atari Ac Adapter  1 Atari coax RF TV Switch box  7 Atari Game/Misc Manuals  51 Atari Game Cartridges  Below is a list of all 51 game cartridges that were tested and work.  All the games are in good or excellent condition with the exception of many of them having faded, teared, creased, loose or no front title sticker and or top title sticker. (x2) = Two Games Asteroids Atlantis Barnstorming Basketball Berzerk Bowling Carnival (Coleco) Combat (x2) Defender Demons To Diamonds Donkey Kong (Coleco) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Football Frogger (x2) Galaxian Golf Grand Prix Haunted House (x2) Ice Hockey (x2) Kaboom! Missle Command (x2) Othello Pac-Man (x2) Phoenix Pitfall! (x2) Pole Position Qbert Riddle Of The Sphinx River Raid Space Invaders Raiders Of The Lost Ark Realsports Baseball Spiderman Star Voyager Street Racer Super Breakout Super Challenger Breakout Target Fun Tron Deadly Discs Venture (Coleco) Video Chess Video Olympics Warlords Zaxxon
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