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Your Privat Nurse at the comfort of your home or place of residence. If you or your loved ones need a highly qualified 5 Star Nurse at your own home, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or you want them to move in and live in the House with you, Call Juliette from Germany who has 21 years of experience in working as a Registered Nurse all over Europe and also many years in London, England. She and her Husband John, who also happens to be a Nurse, are a great team to take care of anyone in need of care, from Medical care to getting better and healthier every day, with their help, also, they will make sure that you will be happy with a smile on your face, clean and healthy, good looking, that you will eat good and enjoy your food every day. And, you will never forget your medicine on their watch ever again. They will take you out for a walk or at any events, Doctor appointments, Swimming pools, Cinema or for Dinner at your favorite restaurant. They will make sure that you will look good at anytime and everywhere. They will also take care of your Pet, if you have one, go Dog Walking, many times a day, if asked. Juliette also, did specialize in Dementia / Alzheimer and has also worked with hundreds of patients touched by that. She really knows how to understand enyone touched by Alzheimer. Not every one can do that and it's not easy. Juliette's Specialized Further Education Course, Out-of-Hospital Respiratory Care, will help everyone in need for a Nurse like her. Not every Nurse is qualified to do that Job, but, she is. One in a million. Juliette and her Husband John will make sure that you feel good and comfortable under their care. They both have Drivers License and will Chauffeur you anywhere you need to be driven, with respect. Your home will always be clean and tidy. They will take care of the whole house, making sure that everything is fine and 5 star organised. Mrs and Mr Jack have their own Hotels and Care Homes in Europe who they did manage themselves, so, they know quite a bit on how to keep things 5 Star organised. Being the owner of a Hotel and Senior Rezidences you are automatically a Handy Man and Mr Jack really is. So why wait, just give them a call today so they can take care of you and your House, inside and outside, for as long as you need them. You will have your Privat Nurse and you will have your new Friends, even your Handyman for the House and Garden, all in one. Call now and we will be there: Juliette: 5166159885 John: 5168511300 About us: Home & Health Care Our Home Health System provide a variety of home based services, which are delivered to recovering, disabled, chronically or terminally ill persons in need of assistance. This is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to hospital or other institutional care. Palliative Care Our Palliative Care Service is dedicated to the care and comfort of seriously ill patients and their families. The goal is to maximize patients' comfort, while providing appropriate medical treatment, in the advanced stage of illness. We will provide an interdisciplinary approach to excellent symptom management, opportunities for meaningful discussion and emotional/bereavement support throughout the continuum of care. Palliative care facilitates decision making through consistent communication and education, and support across the continuum of care. Hospice Care Hospice is a philosophy of caring for patients whose medical conditions are not responding to treatment or for those patients who choose not to seek aggressive medical care at the end stage of life. The hospice philosophy focuses on comfort care, not curative care. The goal of hospice care is for the patient to remain as comfortable and pain-free as possible in their own home or the home of a loved one through the end of life. Hospice care can also be provided in a long-term care facility or an assisted living facility. Other Services We work with a network of providers to deliver cost effective medical services at the highest quality with specific expertise in home health care, hospice care, podiatric care, chronic care, and the delivery of durable medical equipment (DME) and pharmaceuticals. We understand that some patients might not be able to travel outside their home for medical services, medicine, medical supplies or equipment. As such, we work with a network of providers to help deliver healthcare services and products to patients at the comfort of their home or place of residence. The Jack's in Private: We are a Family of four, with two children, a Boy 7y and Girl 11y, from Long Island, NY. We are located in Franklin Square 11010 New York, where our Kids go to School, but, willing to relocate anywhere if asked, all over USA or Canada. Languages we speak: English, German, Polish, Albanian, Yugoslawian, French.
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Juliette J.

Juliette J.

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