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Custom brooder designed with everything you can imagine! Thoughtfully designed, 6 feet by 6 feet and 3 feet high, easily moveable & fully disassembles! We used it in our house for one season while the chicks were babies. (It has not been out in the elements) Works great..even CAT PROOF(my hubby built it taking in consideration our 22lb cat)! Dubble layers of chicken wire are designed to be extra sturdy.. even if a kitty or two want to get on top of it & hang out watching the chicks! Everything has been thought of with this brooder, from the strength to keep your chicks super safe, to the removable slide out extra "wall" to separate brand new chick's from older pullets...or just a handy place to hold your chick's while you clean out their main living space..... no more hassle of finding a place. It has two top doors for easier access while keeping the chickens from flying out one side while you are at the other. Their's a heat lamp arm, where you can attach a clamp type or hanging heat lamp, that swings directly over the brooder, & can be used to aid in keeping the heat close right on top of the lid of the brooder & moved up higher as the chicks need less heat as they grow. The top lids have convenient wood slats with hooks so you can hang feeders, water's, treats.. whatever! There are 2 removable waters that velcro to the inside of the brooder... super handy! Bottom part has solid walls half up the sides to keep in the shavings, dust, feathers & chick feed. Top part has double, extra strong chicken wire with reinforced wood beams. Removable roosts, in different heights are available for small fee. We're asking $250. We live in Willard Ohio. Please feel free to ask any questions!
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Nikki M.

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