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Alpine Brand New Car Stereo | Village

Nicola N.
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Alpine CDE - 172BT BRAND NEW. Built in Bluetooth comes in handy for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming. You can charge, control, and play Android or IPhone using the receivers port. Also includes a versatile 3-band parametric equalizer to keep all your music sounding the best.. You can make or receive calls from either of two paired phones. With included microphone to reduce noise interference and adjust the gain to ensure your callers can hear you loud and clear also get the best sound quality from streaming music, apps or podcasts. With variable colour variation to add accent to to it’s easy to read display. I love changing the colours on mine! Add amps and subwoofers and WOW you won’t want to leave your car. Had Alpine for over 23 years and will NOT change! Love the high- and low pass filters with subwoofer level control. Outputs: 6-Channel pre-amp outputs ( 4-volt front-rear subwoofer. Built-in CTA-2006 Compliant MOSFET amplifier (18 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 Channels... It goes on...?
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