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Dog walker in Paisley area | Village

Shirley Y.
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have two of my own dogs, Jasper and Lokki, who I take on long walks most days - usually to the braes area. I have been taking friends and family members dogs out with my own two on occasion and have been thinking for a while about trying to start up doing Dog Walking for myself. As I’m just starting out and seeing if anyone is interested, I’m more than happy to discuss different prices etc as I’m only just starting out, I’ve put £10 p/h but happy to discuss options. I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs, and my own two are fantastic with other dogs - especially Lokki who is just 9 months and loves to play with anyone and everything. If anyone is interested, even just one day a week, please don’t hesitate to contact me. As I said, I am usually out with my own dogs daily and would be more than happy to help anyone out if they needed their own dog walked whilst they were at work/had other commitments.
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Donna M.

Donna M.

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