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A complete set up of a tropical aquarium with oak furniture stand. Size of the complete furniture: 161 cm (w), 50 cm (d), 135 (h), water capacity 490 liters. Included in the price: - Two Aqua Manta EX400 external filter with additional replacement pads - 1 Airpump2 - heater - led lighting - automatic fish feeder - water treatments - test kit - black sand - loads of decoration, rocks, wood, etc Fish included: - 15-20 Malawi cichlids (size 2-25cm) - 2 sailfin pleco (size 20-25cm) - 1 albino bristlenose pleco Due to the perfect set up and balanced atmosphere, the chic lids keep breeding, so it is hard to know their exact number. The tank only requires little maintenance to keep it clean, I’m happy to help with relocation and installation locally.
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Monika H.

Monika H.

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