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50l fish tank - £50 ono | Village

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Lovely, well taken care of 50l fish tank with 5 beautiful little shoaling silver tetras and some 5 real plants. Tank has been fully cycled and comes with all you see in photo, plus plant fertiliser (this includes filter, heater, thermometer, stones etc). Selling as moving to Australia and would love someone to take home my little fish. They require minimal care - fed a pinch of fish food every day and 1/2 of the water removed every two weeks just to keep the tank fresh - perhaps a wipe of the glass on the inside if the tank has been in direct sunlight and algae has grown. There is room in the tank for addition of another couple of fish such as gouramis, mollys or a fighting fish. I didn’t feel the need to add anymore fish as I enjoy the shoal on their own.
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