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•56trays Individual lashes for extensions (natural & coloured , brow extension set also available) (£10-19 per tray/pot, all sizes available J,B,C,D curl /9-15mm/0.07-0.25/ regular, thick, extra thick, matte, diamond tip, flat tip) ~ bulk purchasing encouraged at discount price •indoor use thermometer (ensure your glues are at optional temperature) £20 •2 spooly brush set @£5 each =£10 •mannequin head for practice £15 •2 microbrushes @£5 each =£10 •silicone eye pads for lash extensions or tinting/perming £8 •two packages eyebrow template packages @£3 each=£6 •orange sticks, four sizes £3 each=£12 •three eyelash tinting protective pads packages £3 each =£9 •portable fan/pump for fumes £7 •brow powder £5 •2 micropore tape @£2each= £4 •lash base primer £7 •lash base activator pen £9 •lash base lash & brow extension remover £8 •eyelash curler £3 •box of medium size gloves £4 •Two lash bases for setup £7 •3 waxing strip packages £6 •Wax treatment lotions £6 •two mermaid makeup brushes @£14 each=£24 •Lots of styles to choose from for example- - C 0.20 12mm (three colours red, purple, blue) C 0.20 14mm (two mixed colour trays) D 0.07 mixed 7-14mm -green D 0.07 mixed 7-14mm -pink & purple D 0.07 mixed 7-14mm -light & dark blue C 20 mix black C 12mm 0.20 black C 7-14mm 0.25 black C 0.07-0.25 / 7-14mm black mixed trays J mixed 7-14mm 0.07-15 black B mixed 7-14mm 0.07-15 black C 11mm 0.20 black extra thick x2 trays C 13mm 0.20 black extra thick C 15mm 0.20 black extra thick C 11mm 0.15 black extra thick C 13mm 0.15 black extra thick In the pots C 10mm 0.20 C 13mm 0.20 C 7mm 0.15
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