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Start your thrive experience now !! Some of you, hopefully all of you will be doing our three steps. Starting our day with our lifestyle capsules, followed by our shakes and then sticking on our DFT (derma fusion technology) Within 30 minutes of our day we are all set for our day. A simple process that doesnt take much time to do. Why we do the three steps the way they are? Our lifestyle caps are packed full of B vitamins which is where we get all of our energy from. They have B1, B2,B3 ,B5, B6, B12, D3, VIT A, green coffee bean, green tea, guarana. We take these before our feet hit the floor in the morning, they need to be taken on an empty stomach, so they can get to work straight away, we call these our jumper cables. We wait around 20-30 minutes and then we make up our lifestyle mix, these have more vitamins including vit A, C, D, E (NO 😎, proteins, folate, probiotics. oat fibre, garcinia fruit, black tea, rice bran. These can be used as a meal replacement or along side a healthy breakfast. They can be made with water, or any form of milk, dairy or dairy alternative. Can add various other ingredients to mix up the flavour to how you like. Then your going to stick on your DFT (derma fusion technology), this is the part that confuses people or people dont understand. The DFT has ingrediants in that absorb into the dermal layer of skin, and slow release through our bodies throughout the day , keeping our energy, mood, mental clarity high. This is how we have all day natural energy, rather than taking more capsules that get absorbed and wear off after going through our digestive system. The DFT can help with weight loss, appetite, mood, clearer thinking. The magic ingredient being forslean, which speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite. Also contains garcinia cambogia, which suppresses appetite also. 3 simple steps completed within 30 minutes of waking up!
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Jamie-Lee M.

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