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REMOVES DRY SKIN BUILD UP, MOITURISES EYELID AND LASHES, OIL FREE! NEW LASH AND LID CLEANSER FOR FALSE LASH EXTENSIONS! The most convenient way to cleanse and condition your lashes and dries on it's own. Can be used whilst styling your lashes. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, active ingredient, oil and paraffin free, lash glue friendly, promotes lash longevity No need for expensive shampoo or foam or running water or expensive cleaning brushes. Makes cleaning your lashes quicker, avoiding using the foam in the shower or over the sink. This new product can be done in seconds in front of the mirror either in the morning or before bed. Use daily or once a week depending on the dryness of your eyelids and blepharitis (dry flakes,skin build up on the lash lid). Keeps your false lashes looking like new for longer and reduces fall out. Natural lashes are also improved. There are cheaper products on the market but don't contain the active ingredient that removes the dry skin build up and some cheaper products can actually remove the lashes you've paid for! The mist spray bottle evenly distributes the cleanser on each eye lid. Using a lash wand (included) spray once onto each eyelid and comb through.Natural and synthetic lashes are cleaned, conditioned, removing dry skin build up and stopping further dry skin along the lash line and eyelid. Incredible price! for a 30ml bottle and wand. The bottle can last for months. Directions for use: spray once or twice on each eye lid from a 10cm distance. Using the lash brush (included) comb the product through the lashes from the root downwards. The product dries on it own on the eyelid and lashes. For especially flaky dry skin build up spray the product onto a cotton bud and dab along the lash line and eyelid. This product will be dispatched the same day as payment (If paid before 12pm on a working week day) please allow time for delivery :-) Delivery: £2.20 extra and well packaged to avoid breakage.
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