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Hi There are soooo many ways to earn from Avon that I literally couldnt tell them all but the main ones are :- 💎Brochures to friends family and neighbours , door to door and getting an Avon Angel (someone who gets orders for you) 💎 Your free online store which you set up and can get people to place an order on it and you still get commission from it 💎 there is an instant brochure which you send through social media and orders can be sent to you THE BONUS IS ITS NO UPFRONT COST SO DOESNT COST YOU A PENNY TO GET STARTED! You make 20% on orders adding up to £160 and 25% on 160+ So if you sell £200 you make £50 Its cash in hand. There is a Facebook group where with help, advice and tips on. I am here for help at all times so anything you dont understand I can work it through with you. It's great fun and now is a great time to build a customer base ready for Christmas xxx
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Vicki W.

Vicki W.

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