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'*'*'*'Only £3 An HOUR'*'*'*' My name is Chelsea, I am a mother to a beautiful little girl - 21 months. She gets on with all children, and is a very caring and gentle natured little girl. I have experience with newborns growing up, as I basically played a role of being a ''mother'' to my siblings. I have a lot of experience with all ages of children, and as now i'm a mother who works from home - offering care for other parents, but with low rates. However I always ask that parents fill forms out in order for there children/child to be in my care, for health and safety reasons and just incase of emergency's, and so I know and understand your child/children's requirements and needs. If you have any questions im more than happy to answer them, id like to mention I do have a garden, but its a communal garden as I live in a flat - but I do ask for parents consent for taking there children on days out, i also do not drive - hence why I care from home, I have a lot of parents who leave there children in my care and always come back to me - so im happy with the work I do, I love meeting new familys and Children... :)
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Chelsea T.

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